Welcome from the initiative group of the project “Voice of Migrants in Latvia”!

The aim of our project is to give a voice to third countries’ migrants who legally reside in Latvia for more than 1 year, so that they can share their achievements, ups and downs, and even failures.

With every next year, more and more people from Eastern Europe, Asia, CIS countries and other foreign countries are moving to Latvia.

We understand that migrants may be rejected by the Latvian society in many cases which of course can lead to negative consequences. Often they find it difficult to integrate into local society due to existing fear, prejudice and the lack of language skills.

We are convinced that migrant workers should not be left behind when it comes to social life. We are also concerned that an increase in the number of migrants in Latvia could potentially lead to an increase in xenophobia, prejudice against people of another color and people speaking a different language. If this happens, there is a risk of division into two countries – Latvia of latvians and Latvia of migrants.

Therefore, our project aims to help people who experience problems with integration into society by providing a platform for sharing experiences, gaining motivation and advice as to where where to start and how not to “burn out”.

In essence, “Voice of Migrants in Latvia” offers bloggers to tell their stories. We are focusing in particular on those people who have been living in Latvia for over a 1 year. This is because 1 year is a period of time in which a person has already made first towards integration, hopefully will not feel as a stranger and will be able to reflect on the experience so far.

Our initiative organized in the form of a blog on the Internet in the state Latvian language, universal – in English and in the language of the second use in Latvia – Russian.
We are working with 7-10 participants-bloggers, who are migrants and who want to share their stories. It is essential that the project participants must live in Latvia for at least 1 year with a residence permit, and agree on the distribution of their stories on the Internet. In this blog participants will be able to share stories of their life, to tell how they got where they are, why they chose Latvia, the challenges they faced and what future they see for themselves in this country.

The idea of the project appeared during the discussion where the author, Alexey Anisimov, was participating in the mentoring program. Project is created in collaboration with Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS. The project is(co) financed by the European Union. The content of the blog will come from the migrants themselves. We provide assitance with the publishing of the materials and transfering blog entries for translation and we of course also moderate from time to time all the content to make sure no errors are made.

The team “Voice of Migrants in Latvia”

Contact e-mail: alex@voiceofmigrants.eu