Alexander Post

I am very glad to have an opportunity to talk about life in Latvia, impressions and everything that surrounds me.

Alexander Post

Alexander Post

My name is Alexander Post. I’m 25. I was born in Chisinau, Moldova. We are native Letts in our family. My ancestors had a stud farm and they were farming, but because of the Soviet occupation in the early 20th century, they were forced to leave Latvia. They had to leave everything here (actually everything was confiscated, as it was with thousands of fellow countrymen). There was no other way out. Long life path led them to Moldova – a country of the world famous grape wine. By the way, in the underground wine cities of Moldova there is a collection of the British Queen. If you’re there, visit the Milesti Mici or Cricova – you will enjoy it!

Despite the fact that I was born in Kishinev, I always associated myself with Latvia. Our family has always observed the traditions and holidays. With the help of the Latvian Consulate in Moldova and especially consul Vita Dobele, our family founded the “Latvians Society of Republic of Moldova”, where I am the deputy chairman. Our goal is to unite all Latvians in Moldova, to spread the culture, talk about the traditions of the homeland residents of Moldova. In the course of our work, we participate in a great variety of cross-cultural events, fairs, exhibitions. Also we were systematically invited to official events, with the participation of politicians and famous people. For example, I had the honor to meet with Valdis Dombrovskis, who officially visited Chisinau as the Prime Minister of Latvia (now he is the Vice-President of the European Commission and European Commissioner).

The idea of moving back home came in 2013, then I was ready for a change in life and something new. After the move I have never regretted. People mentality, nature, climate – all around me – I like it!

I was also pleasantly surprised by speed and responsiveness of government agencies in obtaining residence permits (as I passed through the program of repatriation – I have permanent residence permit with the opportunity to be naturalized after 5 years).

Because of frequent trips around the world (I love to travel and I’ve visited 21 countries), I try to learn Latvian as far as possible. In Riga I’ve found out that 50% of the population speaks Russian! I fell into the “language shock” – where should I practice Latvian? Now I found the solution – language courses and clubs. But I hope that in nearest future more people will speak such a beautiful language – Latvian and it will prevail in the Latvian capital.

In Moldova I was involved with social activities, so I also here could not sit still – I founded the “Latvian Youth Development Centre Erasmus+ Latvia”. Its main task is the development of civil society through training and participation in EU programs. In particular with Erasmus +, which provides a unique opportunity to develop, and what is equally important – it’s for free. To learn about all current projects of the program, join the group «Erasmus + Latvia» on Facebook, and to learn more about my organization look for «Latvijas Jauniesu Attistibas Centrs».

I’ll be pleased to tell you more next time, and answer all your questions.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell about myself and Latvia,
Laipni lūdzam Latvijā! (Welcome to Latvia!)