Anastasiya Zubova

My name is Anastasia.

I was born in a small but very cozy town of Poltava, which is located in Ukraine.

Anastasiya Zubova

Anastasiya Zubova

I moved to Latvia two years ago, I came over here to complete my bachelor studies.
Despite the fact that I arrived in March, Riga met me with the chilly winter weather and cold winds, as it turned out later – it is quite normal for Latvia. The greeting was cold, so my first impression was poor.




I even felt sad and wanted to go home…

At first it was very difficult, probably it’s normal when you move to another country. I left my friends, home and favorite places too. I did not visit my favorite concerts and poetry readings (surely they were here, but I didn’t know about it).
The first months of my adaptation were difficult. I was only focused in my studying at the university, sometimes arranged sightseeing trips.

Later, I began to look for a variety of new activities which could interest me so I started to participate in them as a result I made some new contacts. Then, one of my friend suggested me a website “couchsurfing”. Local members of the website arrange meetings for travellers in English. Which are attended by different people from around the world, mostly by newcomers in town. There I made several friends, and my life became more interesting. We had common topics to talk about, we exchanged information about interesting places, exhibitions and other events.

I can say that moving here gave a new direction to my life. I have learned to be independent and now i feel more confident in harsh situations.
And so two years later, I can say that I like it here. I meet and will continue to meet the extraordinary and wonderful people along with will keep on attending interesting events. Just recently I’ve attended a poetry evening and even read the poem myself.

Last summer, I took a internship in a children’s camp. I like to work with children and at the end of my internship i was offered to work as a full time employee over there. I work as a teacher for the early childhood development.

During this time, I fell in love with this country and Riga, it’s narrow streets, cozy cafes. I like to walk through the old town, I almost got used to the changeable and capricious weather. But most important are the people I met and became friends with. They are so unusual, exciting and very interesting.