Andrey Rodionov

– Latvia is a poor country. But you’ve come.
– Latvia is a poor country. But I have already arrived.

Andrey Rodionov

Andrey Rodionov

My move to Latvia was coincided with several events. In particular it’s the beginning of the reign of Poroshenko. And, sure, the start of full-scale war in Ukraine, which is not over yet.
I did not need to integrate so many points here are arranged the way I arranged myself. I would say that I probably had to integrate all 23 years of life in Russia.




From the earliest days I joined the social life. My first Friday evening was a meeting with young entrepreneurs of the University of Latvia. On the morning of the eighth day, I had the first business meeting. The day when I received my residence permit, I was offered a good job. However, I refused it. A lot of things have happened during this year.

When your youth was spent in an autocratic country, your potential begins to improve in a society of equal possibilities. Gradually you begin to understand that everything in life depends on how you act. You choose your own goals and achieve it.




Today I have two main projects: Internet Marketing and immigration in Latvia. Now I am also developing a project on Infobusiness. I write about politics and society in Russian and English language. I participate in the political life of the country actively. I am also active sports.

I plan to stay in Latvia forever.