Irina Vylegzhanina

Irina Vylegzhanina

Irina Vylegzhanina

Good day! My name is Irina, I am a musician and teacher. I was born in Russia. Seven years ago I graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, specializing in cello. Then I worked in a chamber orchestra. Recently, my work has been connected with children, I taught at a children’s music school named after LV Beethoven in Moscow. I’m very fascinated about educational activity. You will find here some notes about it.




In Russia and Latvia I take part in concerts of a chamber ensemble “Russkoe trio” in a duet with organist Elena Privalova-Epstein and other musicians.

My husband and I have being living in Riga for one year exactly. On the one hand it is quite small period of time, but on the other hand, this year seemed us very long because of a lot of new experiences.

Before that, I’ve been living for 12 years in Moscow. But I was born and raised in the city of Kirov. Before moving, I started to learn the language. This is a essential condition for working in a school. To my surprise, it went very briskly, and after a few months I passed the exam on average.

In the nearest future I hope to get the highest category. I was very lucky to get into the language center by Inta Straubergi. Due to its high level of professionalism, excellent relations and interest in the result it was so quick to learn the Latvian language. I highly recommend this language center!

In Riga, I met a colleague, a wonderful organist Elena Privalova–Epstein. We have studied together at the conservatory and finally met here in Latvia. Thanks to Lena, in Latvia I began concert activity. Concerts are held in Riga, Valmiera and Pinki. The closest concert will take place on July 18 at St. John’s Church.

The festival of classical music (one of the organizers of which is a teacher at the Moscow Conservatory, concertmaster of the chamber orchestra “Moscow Virtuosos”, Alexey Lundin) takes place in the city of Salacgrīva for the sixth year already. Last year, in August, our trio took part in this international festival.




There is also an interesting musical – poetic project with actor, founder of the European theater «Zelta gailis», Viktor Mishin. In autumn a concert dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Yesenin is planned.

The nearest plan is to continue working with children. I am looking for a job only now, because at first it was necessary to learn the Latvian language. I hope that in September I will continue my favorite job.

It seemed to me that it’s a good level of education in music schools of Riga. I’m very happy that teaching children music is popular here. I believe that every child should learn to understand the art: music, painting or dance. This is the best way to further development of the child. Actually, this is true also for adults.




In Moscow, I worked in a private school for adults who wanted to learn to play the instrument “from scratch”. So such people are very interesting persons, their work has nothing to do with art, but they like to know the process of playing the instrument and to understand the language of music. Unfortunately a very small percentage of the world population perceives classical music. That’s why such lessons are very popular in Moscow. I hope that in Riga It will be popular too, and I’ll develop this aspect of my teaching.

My husband and I are very fond of traveling. It is especially interesting to perceive about Latvia, but from within – not as a tourist. Spring is about to come and for Riga it is a very beautiful season. so now we travel to different cities of Latvia almost every weekend. By the way, the National Center for Integration and the project “Our house – Latvia” provides not only free Latvian language courses, but also free tours of Latvia for visitors from other countries.

Overall, it’s a good experience – incredibly beautiful yellow rapseed fields, neat farms. Almost every town has a historic center with old buildings! I’m particularly impressed with the organization of holidays in Riga. We have not had such a nice and cozy New Year. Festivals are not celebrated like this in Moscow.

Of course, there are not only positive nuances, but in general, there are more positive moments. We do not regret that we have moved out of a huge metropolis in a quiet Riga. And then… let’s wait and see!