Lijian Ye

Hello everybody!

My name is Lijian Ye, I’m from China and I am a student. I have been living in Latvia for almost 5 years. The reason I wanted to come to Latvia was, I wanted to change a study environment, a more relaxing and with less pressures.

Lijian Ye with friends

Lijian Ye with friends

I came here at the year of 2010 when I was 17, I was living together with my parents. I didn’t visit any high school at the first year, I thought I should enhance my English, so I found a home teacher, teaching English for me for a year. But things were different, when I applied to one local high school to learn at 10th grade, I found that they didn’t speak English at all (except English lesson), everyone there were talking in Russian and Latvian to each other, I felt very upset among them, I didn’t have any normal conversation with my teachers and classmates. At the beginning two years, I always escaped from school, my class teacher told me I escaped 80% of lessons at 11th grade, the director warned me: “If you will not come to class, and will not learn languages, you will not be able to graduate from this high school”. I decided to do this, even it wasn’t what I came here for, so I learned Russian and Latvian, but still very terrible, but luckily, I graduated from that high school, after that, I decided to study in the college.

Now I’m studying in Latvian Business College (LBK). The reasons why I choose LBK were: It’s an English speaking College, and I was interested in Business, and It was recommended by my friend who graduated from there. Life became better since I graduated from my high school, I found some work, I worked in many different positions: dish washer, home teacher, translator, manager. Now, I’m learning there Business administration, I study well, I have good marks, I participate in many different events, my life is just better.

When I was free, I always relaxed by playing games, watching videos and so on, but I also learned Marketing by myself and sometimes tried to create some Business idea.