Terms and Conditions

When author puts his blog in portal voiceofmigrants.eu, the author understand, that blog becomes open to all internet users.

It will be possible to comment under the blogs.

When making the blog, author uses only that kind of phrases, facts and statements, about what he is sure are true.

Information what consists of advertisement will be evaluated carefully. If spamming attempt will be noticed, then this information will not be published and the provider of the information will be blocked for all times.

Only the author of the blog is responsible about his/her copyright compliance,in cases when work of other authors is used.

In portal voiceofmigrants.eu the bloggers opinion may be different from the portal’s opinion. The authors of the blog are responsible for the content.

Only authors are responsible for how truthful and correct is the written information or for any kind of consequences, what can appear when untruthful and inaccurate information is published.

Portal voiceofmigrants.eu doesn’t hold the responsibility for any loss, what the blog author have caused to the third persons with his blog material (swearing, direct insults ect.).

Portal voiceofmigrants.eu is not responsible for information (text, audio/video materials, photos) what is put in the Portal by the bloggers.

In portal voiceofmigrants.eu it is forbidden to put unlawful information such as text, audio or video , also it is forbidden to put information (text, picture, audio or video materials) what is protected by copyrights, and what does not belong to the author of the blog or the author of the blog doesn’t have the authorization to use the information.